Landscaping in Tunbridge Wells | Our Favourite Garden Hacks

In our role as time-served landscaping and garden design specialists, we firmly believe that gardening is a fine art. When creating the perfect garden space, we have to consider the best ways to blend natural elements such as flowers, shrubs and trees with hard landscaping options like bespoke garden buildings, block paving patios or, in the front garden, a new driveway. With so much to consider when it comes to successful gardening, we always enjoy passing on hacks to our customers in Tunbridge Wells to make their pastime more enjoyable and more successful.

Read on below to discover a selection of our favourite gardening hacks.

1. Eggshells, coffee, grapefruit, beer and tea help to see off slugs and snails

If your plants continually fall victim to slugs and snails, these household items provide a highly effective, and eco-friendly, way to discourage them. Slugs and snails don’t like rough ground, so crushed eggshells usually deter them. Likewise, spread coffee grounds or rooibos tea leaves also aren’t to their taste, while grapefruit skins need to be cut in half and turned upside down for the best results. A beer-trap buried at soil level also proves irresistible!

These measures help to protect the hard work undertaken during landscaping and garden design projects, although we can’t keep them off your block paving or new driveway!

2. Ground eggshell powder offers a calcium boost

On the topic of eggs, a sprinkling of ground-up eggshells helps to deliver a vital calcium boost to plants. Like humans, plants require calcium for fresh and healthy growth. What’s more, it also helps to lessen the likelihood of disease. If you’re planning to try this in your Tunbridge Wells garden, it’s best to mix the powder in with potting compost before planting.

If you like eating boiled eggs while sitting in one of our bespoke garden buildings, just remember to save the shells so you can put them to good use.

3. Use nappies in flower pots for moist soil

If you’re going on holiday soon, we understand your concerns about keeping your plants in the best of health. As garden design and landscaping specialists, we often shudder at the thought of leaving our gardens unattended for a week or two.

An inventive way to ensure your soil stays moist for days, however, is through the use of a (clean) nappy. Nappies contain granules that absorb water which they can then release to the plant as it needs it. Whether in a pot or hanging basket, this unusual approach delivers great results.

Alternatively, we would recommend asking a neighbour or family member to water them first. Maybe they can sweep your new driveway and block paving patio too.

4. Soak seeds in warm water a day before sowing them

When it comes to planting seeds in a Tunbridge Wells garden, soaking them in warm water 24 hours beforehand can help to break something known as ‘seed dormancy’. Seeds benefit from this process as they need to absorb moisture before germinating. This soaking process before planting helps to speed up germination.

However, this usually only works best for large, hard seeds that need an outer coating to be broken down. In most cases, smaller seeds don’t require soaking.

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