Garden Design in Tonbridge | Benefits of Our Work

Here at SCL Gardens Ltd, we promote the benefits of outdoor living. Naturally, this involves a collection of smaller advantages that make up a whole. Each service we provide delivers its own unique benefit that enhances the life of our customers and their garden itself. Whether it’s a new driveway setting the tone for a property, a block paving patio for entertaining, a beautiful landscaping project or one of our bespoke garden buildings to suit any specific need, we deliver benefits on every job we bring to completion. This is what makes us the trusted choice for garden design in Tonbridge.

Below, we have taken a closer look at the primary advantages our clients receive from our core services.

Benefits We Provide

New Driveway

While certain benefits of having a new driveway laid depend on the surfacing material, there are numerous advantages that link them all. The most obvious of these involves hiring a hard landscaping professional to undertake the work for you. Whether you’ve spent hours carrying out spot repairs over the years, or you intend to tackle laying a new one as a DIY project, it just makes more sense to hire an experienced contractor. Not only will this free up hours of spare time to dedicate to happier pursuits, by investing in expertise from the outset, you guarantee outstanding, long-lasting results at the first attempt.

This, in turn, leads to a further benefit of saved money. Trying to cut corner on projects like a new driveway often produces substandard results. In some cases, this means having to start all over again, and any initial money spent will have been wasted. What’s more a new driveway also allows Tonbridge homeowners to forget about the worry and expense of repairs for many years to come.

Block Paving

The main benefit that attracts our customers to block paving remains its versatility. Capable of being arranged into an array of different designs and colour combinations to suit just as many stylistic tastes, block paving can be moulded to suit any kind of new driveway, patio or pathway.

Compared to other materials used in landscaping and garden design, block paving also has advantages in regard to the environment. As a porous material, it absorbs rainwater, stopping it from pooling and gathering. This, in turn, allows the water to filter back into the ground naturally, rather than getting evaporated or channelled directly to the drains.

Added benefits that our Tonbridge customers enjoy with block paving include low maintenance, stunning visual appeal and impressive durability.

Bespoke Garden Buildings

Our range of bespoke garden buildings includes annexes, summer houses, garden rooms and cabins. As a cornerstone of our landscaping and garden design services, the creation of these buildings delivers a significant benefit – the freedom that comes with a bespoke structure.

Designed and constructed around your vision, needs and budget, we create bespoke garden buildings to meet any specifications. As our customers in Tonbridge have a clear vision for how they want to utilise these buildings, their creation ticks a range of individual boxes.

As an added benefit, bespoke garden buildings also help to increase the resale value of homes.