From Landscaping to Bespoke Garden Buildings in Sevenoaks | Eco-Gardening Tips

With an even greater emphasis being placed on sustainability and helping to lessen the impact of climate change across all areas, even the garden design and landscaping industry has found new ways to become greener. Here at SCL Gardens Ltd, we regularly advise customers in Sevenoaks looking to create a space, and accompanying habits, that benefit the environment. Whether it’s choosing block paving for a new driveway, opting for one of our bespoke garden buildings or adopting composting, there are an array of simple ways that homeowners can go green.

We’ve taken a brief look below at some of our tips to generate good habits for eco-gardens.

Basic Steps

  • Fix dripping hoses and leaking taps sooner rather than later. All that wasted water isn’t just inefficient, it’s a loss for the environment
  • When watering plants or cleaning a block paving patio or new driveway, utilise a hose with a trigger to use only the water you need
  • Water plants in the evening to reduce moisture loss through evaporation. This ensures plants get the best possible nourishment with the minimum water
  • When using a paddling pool in the summer, use the water at the end of the day to water your plants rather than simply pouring it away
  • Let your lawn grow out for a longer period after cutting. This will make it more resistant to drying out
  • If pruning shrubs and trees as part of a landscaping or garden design project at your Sevenoaks home, keep sturdy materials like sticks for use as rustic poles for beans, peas and other climbing plants

Significant Steps

  • Choose porous materials such as block paving for hard landscaping and garden design projects. When used as a new driveway or patio, they allow rainwater to naturally drain back into the ground
  • When watering plants, use a watering can instead of a sprinkler or hosepipe. This ensures a much more efficient use of water
  • Fit one of our bespoke garden buildings or your home with a water recycling system. Use the accumulated grey water to water your plants
  • Buy a composter and taking up composting. This is a great way to reuse garden and kitchen scraps
  • When undertaking a garden design project, source timber from a reclamation yard in the Sevenoaks area rather than buying brand-now options
  • Use mulch as part of landscaping projects to retain water naturally. The rustic aesthetic will complement harder features like block paving or a new driveway

We recognise that changing habits isn’t always easy, but after taking a first step, our Sevenoaks clients often find it’s much easier than anticipated. Needless to say, the more effort we put in now, the better off we all will be in the future.

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