Garden Design in Lingfield | Things to Consider Before a Landscaping Project

Here at SCL Gardens Ltd, we work closely with our clients in Lingfield for the duration of their garden design and landscaping project. With a start-to-finish service, we ensure that our results achieve our aim of 100% client satisfaction on each and every job. With projects including the installation of a new driveway, block paving patios, bespoke garden buildings and much more, they need to be planned in meticulous detail if our team are to work to at their efficient best.

We have taken a look below at some of the vital aspect of landscaping and garden design that we consider in the preliminary stages of any project.

Planning & Design Considerations

1. Know Your Garden

When it comes to garden design projects in Lingfield, it’s not just about having a clear vision for the soft and hard landscaping features to come. We need to get a comprehensive overview of the garden itself, from the regional climate to the topography, and from the soil type to microclimates, i.e. full sun, partial shade, shade and deep shade areas.

This information has a huge impact on whether or not certain plants can be placed in specific areas or at all, as well as dictating the position of features like bespoke garden buildings, block paving or the fall of a new driveway.

2. Who Will Use the Garden?

Having a firm idea on who will utilise the finished garden will help to shape it during the design phase. Will children be present often? Do you have any pets? Will you frequently be entertaining friends and family? Answering these simple questions in the early stages of garden design projects allow us to tweak them to suit our Lingfield customers’ needs.

For multi-use gardens, we carry out landscaping to create different spaces for different needs. With our expertise, we create stylish, seamless walkways between these areas using materials such as block paving. Similarly, with a new driveway, we factor in expected weight loads from multiple cars to ensure an optimal finish.

3. Can You Maintain It?

Before landscaping takes place, we recognise that enthusiasm for the project is high. As with the design phase for any project, when discussing garden design, property owners in Lingfield might get carried away with certain ideas. We always encourage enthusiasm, of course, but we also advise our clients to think twice about how much time they will dedicate to maintaining a landscaped garden six months or a year down the line.

We want your garden to be a wise investment and a cherished part of your home. If it becomes overgrown and falls into a state of disrepair, that’s unlikely to happen.

4. What do You Want From Your Garden?

While it may sound obvious, any garden design and landscaping project has to have a solid purpose behind it in order to achieve success. If our clients want a relaxing sanctuary, we focus on that. If they want a place where children can play, we create one. Our bespoke garden buildings also make for precise additions like a home office or games room.

Likewise, our team works with general ideas too. If you’re environmentally conscious, we integrate appropriate features like block paving, be it for a new driveway or patio. Quite simply, with ideas to play with, SCL Gardens can make any garden a reality.