Landscaping in East Grinstead | How to Make the Best of Use of a Small Garden

As domestic building projects work to tighter space specifications, gardens have become increasingly smaller. But this isn’t a new issue, as large gardens are often a luxury feature for properties not just in East Grinstead, but across the country. SLC Gardens Ltd has more than 15 years of trade and industry experience as a landscaping and garden design specialist, so we’ve worked in gardens of all shapes and sizes. From a new driveway of block paving to bespoke garden buildings, we have an expert eye for unlocking the potential in small gardens.

If you have a garden on the smaller side of the scale, and if you feel like you aren’t getting the most use out of this vital outside feature, read on to discover how we go about landscaping tighter areas.

Maximising Space in Small Gardens

1. Gather Pots Together –

If your garden has little-to-no lawn, it can feel deprived of a key element of what a garden should be. Without greenery and wildlife, they truly lack that outdoorsy feel. When undertaking garden design and landscaping projects at these East Grinstead properties, we focus on using our depth of knowledge to place pots in the right areas and combinations.

By grouping plants and shrubs close together, they create a denser foliage. This approach has even more impact by positioning smaller ones at the front and larger ones at the back.

These gardens have little room for block paving patios, bespoke garden buildings or a new driveway in the front, but small creative touches can deliver a vibrant flourish.

2. The Rule of Three

When it comes to landscaping and garden design, the rule of three applies to most aspects. This includes using no more than three materials and three colours. In regard to the former, materials need to provide a consistency and coherence while also offering variation. For example, grass, block paving and gravel more than suffices. Any more, and smaller gardens start to feel cluttered and congested.

The same applies to the use of colour. Whether painting a fence, buying furniture or adding bespoke garden buildings, sticking to a smaller colour palette always produces the best results.

3. Optimise Privacy

In the majority of cases, small gardens in East Grinstead often come with neighbouring properties that overlook them in some way. While you may want to show off your new block paving feature, like those we use for a new driveway, it’s safe to assume that sometimes a little privacy doesn’t go amiss. This is why so many landscaping and garden design projects in smaller spaces prioritise taller shrubs, lines of trees, hedges or trellises on top of fences.

Certain corners may provide more of a secluded spot. These make ideal locations for seating areas, where homeowners can talk with friends and family, or simply relax, without having to worry about being seen.

With vast experience in transforming small garden spaces across East Grinstead, SCL Gardens has far more ideas to supplement these. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any kind of hard or soft landscaping project, including bespoke garden buildings, block paving patios and a range of new driveways.