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At SCL Gardens, we specialise in bringing our customers dream gardens to life through exceptional landscaping and garden design services. From laying a block paving patio to installing a new driveway and even constructing bespoke garden buildings, we cover all aspects of landscape gardening and our attention to detail is second to none. On this page, we’re offer tips for homeowners in Caterham looking to create a relaxing zen garden.

How to Create a Beautiful Zen Garden

Amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s important to find moments of relaxation and what better place to do so than in your own calming zen garden? Known also as Japanese rock gardens, original zen gardens were created for temples in Japan to give monks an area to meditate about the true meaning of life. They are traditionally composed by arranging rocks, moss, water features, pruned trees or bushes, raked gravel or sand, to create a miniature stylized landscape.

Whether you’re after a truly authentic zen garden or are inspired by the idea and would like to incorporate certain elements, there are many ways to create your own garden sanctuary:

Create an enclosed space

A zen garden design is usually enclosed, surrounding by a wall or fence, with a defined entrance point. Our landscaping experts can help Caterham homeowners achieve this by constructing a new fence, wall or installing a garden gate. Alternatively, you could create the idea of a separate, enclosed space with a border of block paving surrounding a selected area. Our bespoke garden buildings can also be used to create an enclosed garden space.

Use sand, gravel and rocks

Typically in a zen garden design, sand is used and then raked to create curving strokes that represent water ripples. This can also be done with gravel. Well-placed rocks and pebbles add beautiful zen features and enable you to get creative with how you’d like them to be arranged. You could even introduce zen elements to a new driveway by having it as gravel.

Add structure

Adding structure to your Caterham garden is another way to capture the essence of a Japanese garden. Create focal points using different landscaping features, such as bespoke garden buildings or even a garden pagoda. This could also be used as a meditation or yoga room, with a winding block paving path leading up to it through your garden.

Add a curved or zigzag path

Pathways are key in zen garden design, whether made from block paving, Indian sandstone or other material, paths invoke the idea of a journey and help the visitor navigate the garden. Curved or zigzag paths ensure the walk is taken slow, to take in the surroundings. You can also play with narrowing the path or having it stop at certain focal points, such as bespoke garden buildings, water features, seating or a new driveway.

Introduce water

Water has always been associated with life, peace and relaxation, which is why it is such an important element in zen garden design. Our landscaping experts can help Caterham homeowners introduce water to their garden in a small or large way, from a water feature to a garden pond.

If you’ve been inspired to create your own zen garden, contact SCL Gardens today. We specialise in garden landscaping, block paving, new driveway installations and bespoke garden buildings for domestic households. Our team can build your tranquil garden space.